Deteknix Wirefree Headphones Day 1 Review

In the never ending journey to maximum compactness and transportability of my metal detecting gear I have decided to buy a pair of Deteknix Wirefree headphones for my AT Pro for whenever I go on short hunts that won’t lead me into the water.So to help anyone who ponders the purchase of one of these I will give you my opinion to give you a better idea of what they feel like in the field.

The good:

  • No wire obviously. This is great because it is less hassle, but also because the wire on the stock Garrett phones will break at some point the way I hunt with frequently putting it down to dig holes and using the Garrett Carrot to pinpoint while keeping the headphones on my head.
  • No more „headphones getting ripped from your head by the detector falling down“.
  • Due to the on-ear design they are much better for people like me who wear glasses. The stock headphones are actually quite comfortable with glasses if the length of the trip stays within a couple hours, but these are better in that regard.
  • They are light. Normally with wireless headphones they are very heavy due to the battery, but in this instance they are lighter than the stock Garretts because those are over-ear and built to keep the outside noise out. I do not like that too much as it makes it impossible to hear people and stay aware of my surroundings sometimes.
  • You can hear more of the outside world. I usually keep one ear free with the stock headphones just to hear if people are talking to me.
  • If there is any delay of the signal it’s not noticable.
  • Assembly and pairing of the transmitter and receiver are straight-forward and fast. You just turn the headphones on with a two second button press, then do the same with the transmitter.
  • The connection to the AT Pro is still waterproof so you can use it in shallow water. The transmitter iself is not waterproof but rainproof at least and if you put it right at the top of the arm rest it can be used in shallow water without problems.
  • Both devices have standard usb for charging which is incredibly handy. This also means you can charge them in the field with a powerbank.
  • The battery life is usable. Deteknix lists 6 hours, so far I’ve used them for maybe twenty minutes doing testing with my equally new NEL Snake coil. Usually if the hunt is longer than that there is at least a break when I can charge them up.
  • They come in a nice carrying case that protects them when inside my backpack.
  • In terms of volume they are just like the stock headphones, meaning I keep them very low or I they would fly off of my head.

The bad:

  • They are a bit flimsy. Not too bad, but you better don’t treat them like the stock phones that basically handle anything you throw at them (or throw them at).
  • No exchangeable battery. WTF, that would mean I could just carry spare batteries and extend it indefinitely. This point was the reason I almost didn’t buy them, but the good battery life makes it manaeable.
  • The connection wire is pretty short. You have to stretch it to get it to the top of the arm rest if you want that.
  • Receiver and Transmitter have different charging connections, again WTF. However both are standard USB connections, one is the type found in phones and the other the slightly bigger kind that is normally found in cameras.
  • These are made specifically for detecting purposes so I’m a bit surprised Deteknix didn’t go for a behind-the-head style instead of over-the-head. That would have allowed to wear a full-sized cowboy style hat for more sun protection. I sure would have liked that. However they can still be worn in combination with a dork-hat with neck flaps, that’s maybe even better in that regard.

One neutral point I want to show is that the headphones are incredibly tiny. This is a somewhat large TrashureSeeker hand besides them:


However they fit my large head just fine and into any backpack without problems, they are just a whole different world than the stock headphones.

So all in all I am really happy with this purchase, disconnecting myself from the detector is a great thing and I will probably use them on most hunts from now on.

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