My favorite scrapping and treasure hunting channels on YouTube

One of the greatest things about treasure hunting to me is how great the online community on YouTube and other places is. Sure you have the occasional ‚get a real job‘ trolls, but overall it’s just a bunch of crafty people seriously enjoying each other’s finds.

When I’m not out and about myself I often find myself watching other people hunt for scrap, metal detect or just walk through nature like Detecting Alabama or Aquachigger do every so often.

So let me show you my most favorite YouTube channels of people who make some money out there in their spare time.


Taco Stacks is doing a lot of great videos about scrapping and yard sales and unlike others I find him very down to earth and easy to listen to.

The same goes for Bearded Diver who does scrapping and dumpster diving, I always enjoy his videos.

Dumpster Marcus seems like a total weirdo when you first watch his videos, but his friendly attitude and the way he makes his videos fun to watch quickly grew on me.

Scrap Vulture is another guy who has figured out how efficient a motorcycle is for scrapping, plus he has a very easy to listen to voice and interesting hunts.

ThubPrint is yet another dumpster diver and scrapper and if you get past the weird thumbnails he makes great videos.

Metal Detecting:

Metal detecting is such a great hobby, and YouTube has such great people doing it.

First off there is the whole Chigg Army around our all most favorite detectorist Beau Ouimette / Aquachigger. Most notable friends of his are BirdDog, who sports the best redneck accent I have heard in a long time, and Chill Bill. If you for some reason have not stumbled over those channels there is really no way around binge watching all their videos.

I already mentioned Exploring Alabama, but I’ll do it again because he is one of the best on YouTube. Easy to listen to, down to earth and besides detecting and magnet fishing he also takes the time to show the nature he encounters which I find both interesting and relaxing.

Now we have a couple of beach hunters whose videos I greatly enjoy.

Roy Vargas.

Robert Ferguson is very active and finds lots of cool stuff, his videos are always worth a watch.

She Detector is one of two female detectorists whom I watch regularly (I only mention gender because there are so few on YouTube that it’s a bit special), the other being Relic Recoverist. Both make great videos and in case of Relic Recoverist we also get the occasional yard sale video.

More beach detecting comes from Ed the Beach Hunter, and with Tony Eisenhower I shall end my recommendation of beach hunter (for now).

And then there are the Hoover Boys. For some reason I don’t watch too many of their videos lately, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them greatly when I do.

Before I end I have a recommendation for Relic Hunting Denmark, who detects mostly on fields and farm land with some magnet fishing videos in between.

That’s all I can think of from the top of my head, I am pretty sure there are many others I have forgotten and if I come across one of their videos I will update this list.

I hope you liked the read and discovered one or two new people 🙂




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