The TrashureMobile is finished and ready to roll!

For a long time I’ve been searching for a vehicle to use for magnet fishing and treasure hunting, but found that everything cheap wasn’t suitable for transporting scrap metal and everything suitable for transporting anything would cost seemingly millions to buy, maintain and insure. Since I don’t really need a car in my daily life and cycle almost everywhere it would have been a really high investment with little return, which ultimately made me buy this cutie that is simply perfect.

What you are looking at is an almost brand new Piaggio TPH scooter that had 3k kilometers on the odometer and cost me 900€, less than half price over a new model. It was garage kept and well taken care of by friendly people, neither of which is usual on the used scooter market here. So the purchase itself was very lucky on its own already.

Apart from being a ton of fun to drive there are invaluable monetary benefits that will pay off both short and long term. Let me throw some numbers around:

  • Just the insurance for vans or pickup trucks I looked at would cost me 1,300-1,800€ a year, so at worst just one year of insurance would cost twice as much as I paid for the scooter. Insurance for the scooter costs me 40€ a year.
  • Whenever scrap metal is involved gas money becomes a concern, which makes a consumption of 3-4 litres instead of the 8-15 of trucks and vans more than just noticeable. With the scooter I can drive all day and never even worry about gas costs, and any detecting trip is all but guaranteed to pay for one or two additional trips.
  • Spare part prices are nothing other than enjoyable, if I had to rebuild every single thing I would likely pay less than a set of new truck tires.

In addition to that I must say that I forgot just how much fun scooters are to drive around. No parking problems, getting into spots where cars can’t go for exploring and treasure hunting and simply the fact that everything goes a bit slower and becomes more enjoyable.

I can easily fit a toolbox with all our magnet fishing supplies and my tripod onto the back seat so most of the time space is hardly an issue. In fact coming from a cycling background the available space and ease of carrying stuff is absolutely luxurious.

Aaaand then comes the trailer, yet another awesome purchase. It cost 100€ and a four hour drive that should have been an hour if not for a cycling race putting the whole city on lockdown. I bought it from a really nice guy again, an oldtimer motorcycle freak that had me follow him to his garden house on a rat-look Simson from 1968. Fun times and an easy purchase.

To my surprise the trailer feels very nice on the road, from my days delivering papers with a similar trailer behind my bicycle I had expected it to be a lot worse. In fact the thick tires and well-made quality give it great stability and even on cobblestone I had no real problems. Of course there is a bit of additional focus needed when pulling a trailer, but overall it’s again quite fun.

Since the trailer is lockable I can also see it coming in handy for long camping trips in addition to hauling our magnet fishing finds, as well as transporting a small stand and some scrap art projects to flea markets.

So lots of adventures ahead, and we’ll make sure to bring you along 🙂

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