Meet the TrashureTruck!


It’s done! The newest family member has arrived, been paid for and all the papers are in order. Next step? Adventure!

For ages now we’ve wanted a truck of some sorts for our magnet fishing trips so we could transport all the scrap we find. Over the past two years I have gone through every possible option we had, from European small pickups like Ford Rangers (twice as expensive, bed not long enough) over trailers (ugh) to american imports of bigger pickups (rare, cost prohibitive, hard to get spare parts for).

Long story short: It’s been stupidly hard to find a good vehicle, but it’s good I waited so long because I LOVE this cutie. It’s quirky and colourful when most work trucks are boring white, is in near perfect condition with low kilometers (160k km) and just old enough to still be repairable by average Joe.

We found ourselves by accident, I was checking out a different open bed transporter in a dealership just to see if they were an option for us when my eyes fell on it.

I asked the dealer ‚what’s with the yellow one over there?‘ and he responded with something along the lines of ‚oh, that one is so old my customers don’t want to buy it‘.

Inside I was like ‚gimme that right away‘, but being all cold-hearted treasure seeker I negotiated a mighty fine price of only 3,000€ and the dealer made sure it passed certification with all repairs.

Then he realized it would take about 500€ to do some necessary repairs and complained to me they weren’t making any profit on the sale. As if,  but still it’s fun when the dealer screws himself instead of customers for a change.

Two hard long weeks passed, tons of paperwork had to be done but lo and behold: It all worked out in the end!

There are so many plans in my head, projects to tackle and rivers to fish scrap out of. All those options and opportunities! The first step will be to build out part of the bed as a mobile workshop for scrap art projects, power tools and a solar setup powering them. The back of the double cab will be turned into a sleeper cell (teehee) with an underneath tool storage. There are some repaired rust spots that have to be painted, a metal frame to  be built for the bed and of course spinning rims and LED underfloor lighting. A twelve inch lift, fawtyfaw muddigger tyres and a Yeddi Coola. If there’s some time left we’ll also use the truck as intended and go magnet fishing.

Here is the first video of with the new old truck:


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2 thoughts on “Meet the TrashureTruck!

  1. Hallo,
    macht immer wieder Spaß Eure neuesten Videos zu sehen.
    Mir kamen gerade ein paar Fischgründe in den Sinn, vielleicht ist was dabei für Euch.
    Teilweise kann man dort auch sehr gut mit dem Auto ranfahren.
    1. Osterbekkanal; von der Krausestraße alsterwärts bis Barmbeker Straße
    2. Barmbeker Stichkanal; komplett parallel zur Saarlandstraße
    3. Goldbekkanal; im Bereich Südring bzw. Stadthallenbrücke
    4. Eilbekkanal; von der Maxstraße alsterwärts zur Richardstraße
    5. Diverse Kanäle im Bereich Hamm (Süd), Billerhuder Insel und Rothenburgsort.

    Schöne Grüße,

    1. Hallo, danke für deinen Kommentar. Am Goldbekkanal waren wir schon einmal, ziemlich genau eine Woche bevor die Polizei da die Leichenteile gefunden hat. Die anderen Vorschläge gucken wir uns an, danke dafür. Drück mal die Daumen, dass das Wetter noch eine Weile gut bleibt 🙂

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