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Workshop on wheels – how I transformed a flatbed truck into a rolling workbench


Living in a big city offers quite a few challenge for anyone interested in crafts, outdoor activities and DIY projects, most notably the very first step of finding a suitable workspace.

To give you an idea of the troubles I faced in my (hardly unique) quest for a simple workshop this is what I went through:

  • While I have both a basement and an attic at my disposal neither of them has power sockets.
    • The basement does not have standing height, no way to air it out and I can hardly turn on the spot without hitting anything.
    • The attic is fully wooden (great for welding, sparks and brazing!), not much space either and I’m directly on top of neighbors who probably don’t like the sound of a running angle grinder too much.

So naturally I went on our craigslist equivalent and started searching for rentable workshops. My expectation was that it should be possible to find either a workshop for myself, a shared workshop or at worst at least a garage somewhere for a small monthly sum.

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