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Kategorie: Metal Detecting

Armytek Wizard Pro Headlamp Review

A headlamp is a really useful piece of equipment for treasure hunting, and for about four months I used a Thrunite TH-10 for that purpose, you can read my full review on that here. I can still recommend that light to anyone, but I wanted something with a wider beam and fully waterproof so I ended up buying yet another light: The Armytek Wizard Pro.  I bought it as a Christmas present for myself and have used it frequently since. Now that the days are getting longer and it has seen some good use I want to write a review of it with metal detecting and camping in mind.

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New Toy! Stainless steel two part shovel for metal detecting

I have postponed the purchase of this shovel for quite some time now because it is definitely a lot of money  to drop on a shovel, but I finally sprung for the purchase of this stainless steel beauty. Now I don’t have this for long – maybe a week as of this post – but I know I will have it for a long time.

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