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Guess what, we have a Patreon campaign now!

For quite a while now we’ve had almost everything the big guys on YouTube have: T-Shirts, Amazon Affiliate links, Adsense revenue from you guys watching our videos (greatly appreciated!), but one thing was missing: Our very own Patreon campaign! In case you don’t know what that is: It allows all kinds of creative people, entertainers and artists to beg for money without actually going out on the street to ask for it. It’s a great thing.

As we are on the streets, beaches and even inside the water begging the river gods for trash and treasure anyways we thought we might as well extend that to ask random strangers on the internet for money.

Anyway, on to the meat of this post:

How is the campaign set up?

As usual with these campaigns there is nothing you really miss out on if you don’t subscribe and we won’t abandon our Youtube channel or anything. This is purely optional if you decide to support us.

The reason we set up this campaign is simple: We hope to finance our trips, which means some money for gas and food, and in return to increase the amount of videos we get to record and the number of cool places we can show you – and what they hide beneath the surface.

Let me talk a bit about where we want to go with this channel.

We hope to record magnet fishing and metal detecting videos from a bunch of different places at least three seasons of the year with the occasional beach hunt during the winter month when digging in solid soil is not as much fun and the rivers are frozen up. In addition to that we plan to use the stuff we find while magnet fishing to build some useless highly functional art pieces. Think brazing together a couple of metal pieces and making a table out of it. Or a rusted desk lamp. Or life-sized statues of horses with metal detectors. Usual stuff.

Another field I would love to get into is livestreaming one or two hunts per month. The technology for mobile livestreaming has greatly improved over the last months and I feel it could get quite cool to stream live hunts, maybe letting viewers choose which places to check out like one of these choose-your-own-story adventures. All in the planning stage so far, but I like the idea. I have figured out most of the setup, but I would need to get a mobile data plan that can handle streaming for a couple of hours. Wink wink, that’s going to cost some money 🙂

So that’s the plan, now let me explain the levels of support you can give us. First off you are not bound to any of them and are free to support us with any amount between one and one gazillion dollars.

I’ve thought hard about what I can offer for different levels and the only real things I’ve come up with are

a) you get to see the videos as soon as I upload them while non-subscribers get to see them a week or so later, and

b) at the highest level we put your website or channel name somewhere in each video we upload in that given month. Think of a shoutout like “this video is sponsored by xyz.com”, probably somewhere at the start or in the middle.

Other ideas I have thought of are:

Livestream access, but I’d rather make this public to everyone

Subscriber giveaways, but I’m unsure on what to give away. Maybe the art pieces or the occasional cool find. Anyway, this will most likely come but won’t be bound to any specific support level.

If you can think of anything else I’m more than happy to hear it, let me know.

So that’s everything for now, thanks to all who consider supporting us in whichever way you choose, you can find an article of all the possibilities to do so HERE. We promise to not spend it all in one place.


If you want to help us make more videos consider subscribing to our Patreon campain.

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