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Support our just cause

First off it’s pretty cool of you to consider helping us out, greatly appreciated!

Here is how you can help us make a buck or two:

  • Buy something on Amazon via our affiliate links and we will get a small percentage of the purchasing price without any added costs to you. You can buy anything you like, but if you happen to run out of ideas why not get yourself a fishing magnet or even your own metal detector set? I tell you it’s a lot of fun to hunt for trash and treasure!
  • You can also buy a bunch of try-hard-to-be-funny t-shirts at our always growing Spreadshirt store.
  • Subscribe to and share our always growing YouTube channel.
  • You can tip us with a small donation if you feel very generous. Just click on the donate button in the sidebar.
  • As every YouTuber these days we have our own Patreon campaign set up where you can support us. As of this writing we are still figuring out benefits for patreons, stay tuned for what will undoubtly be awesome.

Whatever method you choose let me tell you this: You rock!