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Mars Universal Shaft Review

After a three week delivery time from the US to the Austrian seller to me in Germany and a few days of lying around in customs I finally got my Mars Universal Shaft delivered. Time for a day-one review that I don’t expect to change much over time. In the end it’s just a collapsible shaft that fits most detectors on the market.I got it for my AT Pro that I love, but that takes a little too long to dissasemble for transportation in my backpack, cutting out valuable time on short hunts. With this shaft however you just open two clamps, push the shaft into itself and that’s it, no hassle with the wire, the shaft and alligning everything each time you want to use it. Beautiful, now I can carry it around and quickly hunt places like playgrounds or other small confined areas that don’t take much time to detect. With the small form factor it fits into my backpack and I can transport it on my bicycle without problems. At least in my city a train / bicycle combination is by far the fastest way to get around and with a monthly train pass from my employer and zero gas costs I pay absolutely nothing to get around and thusly always come out with profit.

Mounting the AT Pro takes a little work with a hacksaw as the two points where you fasten it to the stock shaft with screws are a little too long. That’s not hard to do however, just make sure you don’t cut off more than you must. With the AT Pro it would be really hard to cut off more than necessary as there are plastic parts that prevent the saw from going in too deep.

My biggest hope was that it would be able to somehow flip the shaft ninety degrees to allow for the coil to spin around to make the use of any coils bigger than the 5×8 more compact. Sadly that does not work as the shaft is not square but rather rectangular. Anyway, as long as the coil fits in the backpack – as the NEL Hunter I ordered – it’ll be all fine.

The build quality of the shaft is pretty nice, nothing rattles or feels like it couldn’t take a beating here and there. I shortened the upper stem just a bit as I don’t need the full length and now it is just the same length as the armrest when in folded position. Is there a higher compliment to a brand new 160€ item than hacksawing into it because you know it will stay in your arsenal on day one?

So that’s it for the review, if you want to see some footage of the Mars Universal Shaft in action here is the first video I recorded while using it:

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