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New Toy! Stainless steel two part shovel for metal detecting

I have postponed the purchase of this shovel for quite some time now because it is definitely a lot of money  to drop on a shovel, but I finally sprung for the purchase of this stainless steel beauty. Now I don’t have this for long – maybe a week as of this post – but I know I will have it for a long time.

The main reason I bought this is because it is about the only shovel I can buy in Germany that I can disassemble for transport in my backpack, believe it or not.

I’m almost always getting around by bicycle and I can tell you, even the little gear you need for detecting – and filming – is quite noticable on a bicycle. That’s why I bought the Mars Universal collapsible detector shaft and built my own three-part shaft for my scoop. For me portability and being able to fit everything I need into my backpack is one of the most important factors for gear. The best detector doesn’t do me any good when I’m not able to transport it to the site. Yes there are bicycle trailers, but they are just impractical when train journeys are included and bulky and people don’t expect them and crash into you.

So this shovel comes in very handy for me. Disassembled I can fit it into my backpack just fine and it’s probably the highest quality of shovel I have ever seen. The handle fits just nicely, that’s often a problem with telescopic or two-piece handles, everything is solid stainless steel and I don’t think it will ever break.

One thing I have done right away is to give the handle some coating. If you have ever used stainless steel in direct sunlight you will know that that stuff gets burning hot, often so hot it’s impossible to touch. A little bit of duct tape does just  fine , a bit on the T-Grip is all it takes to add a great bit of usability. I’m considering painting the whole shovel to get rid of the reflecting, but haven’t done it so far. I probably will, though.

Apart from that this shovel is just great all around, high quality, cuts into the ground well and has about the perfect  height for an average sized man (or woman for that matter, maybe even better if you are a slight bit smaller, but it works for me just fine). The footrest is nice, the handle is great and I have zero real complaints about this shovel. The only two things I would have done different if it was me designing my perfect shovel would have been a D shaped handle and a three-part handle for even greater compactness.

I will also fix a magnet to the upper part of the blade to catch bottlecaps, but that’s for another day.

So that’s it, I will report back in a couple of months once I have some more time with it under my belt. In case you want to buy one I’m afraid the only seller known to me is this one, but shoot him a mail and I’m sure he will deliver most anywhere in the world.

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