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Our best find so far, a safe full of jewelry certificates found magnet fishing!

Over the last few weeks since we started magnet fishing in Hamburg we have made a variety of really cool finds, from WW2 guns to six broken into safes as of this writing. Until now each safe has – no surprise there – been completely empty, but today we have made our very first find of the ‘tell everyone you know about it’ kind.

We were really lucky to find all this stuff still inside the safe, the only reason we have it is that one of our magnets attached in a way that kept the door closed while we pulled it out or everythign would have emptied into the water.

But all went well, presenting us with one of the coolest finds we have ever made. In the safe we found a variety of jewelry certificates and a bunch of bank account papers.

The bank account papers were cool in itself and will allow the police to identify the owner of the safe and its contents, but the certificates were the really cool finds.

We found certificates for a Rolex watch, something by Prada and several pieces of jewelry, ranging from rings over bracelets to expensive clothing items.

The cool part is that these certificates still hold a lot of value for the owner since wihtout them he wasn’t able to claim the theft to the insurance company. That means that someone out there is now probably really happy, which makes the find all the cooler to us.

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