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Restoring a Hammer found while magnet fishing

I love watching restoration videos of all kinds on YouTube and with the advent of my Rolling Workshop I knew I wanted to restore this old decaying hammer head to new life. I kept it when we found it magnet fishing sometime in 2016 or 2017 if I recall correctly and always wanted to give it a new life because I do not own a heavy hammer and so after the workbench was built I could finally drive out to my favourite spot by the lake I used to swim in as a kid and get to work.

Just like the tool itself restoring a hammer is hardly complicated with the help of power tools but it was still a lot of fun. I still think that angle grinders are spinning wheels of death screaming battle cries for the whole time they run but that does not mean I don’t enjoy them a little bit.

Before I started, with a little grind mark to test the thickness of the rust. It turned out to be quite thin which made me happy.

Now I did not have any kind of rust remover at home, but I just so happened to own a battery powered angle grinder that was eager to make quick work of all the rust for me so I happily accepted the offer.

I call him Sparky. Sparky is a happy fellow, but hungry for work and sometimes a little over-eager.
Looking good so far. There were a lot of little spots where the rust had eaten deeper, I ended up keeping them because I liked the look but I could have ground the surface flush had I wanted to.
You probably get the idea, I just like those spark pictures so much. Last one, I promise.

I cut a bit of flat steel off and grinded it down to a wedge, this saved me five bucks that a single wedge would have cost at the hardware store.
With a knife I cut down the handle a tiny bit until it fit, then cut a little notch into it, attached the hammer and hammered the shin in and that should be my new hammer.

I hope you enjoyed this little post, I know it’s quite simple but I really like the idea of reusing a tool someone once threw into a river, probably out of frustration over a broken handle. I have since used the hammer many times for several projects and it works really well, plus it is always a joy to use.

Thanks for reading!

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