So much scrap at a single bridge

By Januar 13, 2019 April 25th, 2019 One Comment
Originally we had only planned to go to the bridge from the last two trips to get out two bikes we couldn’t get out last time. They were intertwined and without a grappling hook there wasn’t much use trying to get them out and so we bought a boating anchor and headed back. The plan was to stay there for maybe thirty minutes but we ended up staying there all day because we found so much scrap. It’s really incredible how much we found even though we’ve been there two times already and some of the things we found were really cool.
The find of the day in my opinion is this Peugeot moped, it was almost impossible to get out and if not for a nice woman helping us we probably wouldn’t have been able to do it. That thing is heavy like you wouldn’t believe, probably 50 or 70 kilos. I think I can save the fuel tank and the engine for some kind of crafting project – even though I’m not yet sure what exactly I could build out of them. Regardless they look pretty cool and I want to save them, maybe a few minutes hours on pinterest will deliver the inspiration. In addition to that we have the whole truck bed full now with shopping carts, bicycles (more crafting projects) and stuff that I will have to get rid of, probably a nice load of scrap metal on there. 
There’s also another bicycle part in there that I think will make a fine addition to my collection scrap metal lamp like the one I built a while ago.
I have plenty of ideas for some of the parts, one in particular is to make bottle-openers from the rear drop-outs and the front forks. This is the first batch and I think they turned out quite nice. 
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I made some #diy / #upcycling bottle openers from old scrap bicycles that we found #MagnetfishingEin Beitrag geteilt von Trashure Seeker (@trashureseeker) am
On the off chance someone wants a bottle opener and help us pay for gas and tools I put them up on our etsy shop: [etsy-include=trashureseeker;25503530]
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One Comment

  • Freddy sagt:

    Hallo Ihr beiden,
    schade, nun ist es soweit gekommen, dass der liberale Stadtstaat meint, Euch ein mündliches Magnetfischen-Verbot auferlegen zu müssen. Ich hatte diese Befürchtung allerdings schon länger, es hatten ja zuletzt andere Magnetangler, darunter Kinder, größere Munition aus den Gewässern dieser Stadt gezogen, was dann zum Einsatz des Kampfmittelräumdienstes mit Sprengung führte. Deshalb war ich auch positiv überrascht, dass die Polizei nach diesen Ereignissen weiterhin noch so freundlich zu Euch war und nicht gemeckert hat. Nun scheinen die sich umentschieden zu haben. Das das Ergebnis eines möglichen Antrages von Euch auf Magnetfischen aber schon vorher feststeht, nämlich Ablehnung,
    verstösst gegen das rechtsstaatlichen Grundprinzip, wonach Verwaltungsverfahren stets ergebnisoffen sind.
    Im Ergebnis bleibt Euch nun erstmal das benachbarte Bundesland im Norden. GGf. auch De Fleetekieker e. V. , wobei die meines Wissens nach keine Magnete benutzen bei ihrer Arbeit.
    Ich werde das Geschehen auf Eurem Kanal weiter verfolgen und hoffe mal das Beste für Euch. Haltet durch!
    Schöne Grüsse,

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