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Theft-proof bicycle wheel nuts for peace of mind

I like to take my bicycle on my detecting trips, it’s versatile, fast and can carry all my gear.

However I do not like the fact that bicycle theft is as much of a problem as it is, especially in my city. Granted you can find a good place to lock the frame to almost anywhere, but carrying two (or three) locks is just impractical. While a stolen saddle sucks you can still ride home without one if necessary, but stolen wheels pose much more of a problem because they render the whole bicycle useless and instead of bringing you home faster it becomes a burden. That sucks so I was more than happy when I stumbled over anti-theft axle nuts made by Pinhead Security.  You can get them for quick-release axles – which most people use – and also solid axles like I have on my bicycle.

I ordered a four pack from their website and got it delivered after two weeks or so due to getting stuck in customs so I recommend buying from Amazon where they are already imported. Anyway, that has nothing to do with the product, which is in fact great.

The idea of these is not to prevent the professional bike thieves, in the end you could always take an angle grinder and grind grips for a pair of pliers into them, against the professionals there is not much of a protection. However they are absolutely impossible to crack with any standard tools, pliers have nowhere to fit and can’t turn due to two small teeth that prevent turning. It’s a really well thought-out design that should work perfectly against everyone who isn’t able to cut your main lock and steal the whole bike, there is really no way to get to these nuts without the right key or brute force angle grinding (at which point cracking the lock is much easier in the first place).

I always carry a Kryptonite Mini u-lock that works perfectly for locking the bicycle frame almost anywhere.  Together these two give me great peace of mind and I have little worry locking it up to a metal pole and leaving it for some hours of detecting even in our city where

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