Who we are

We are two guys from Germany who love to go metal detecting and magnet fishing in our spare time. In late 2015 we started the YouTube channel TrashureSeeker and learned that quite a few of you like watching our videos we recorded of all our trips. That motivates us a lot to produce more of them, thank you for all the views, comments and subscriptions over the years.

We built this site to showcase our efforts in cleaning up the environment, recycling what we find into scrap art and deco pieces that we sell on flea markets to recover our costs. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Good Luck & Happy Hunting!

The TrashureSeeker team

Recycled Scrap Art

See what we build from our finds to repurpose what we can.

Our Videos

Let us take you along on a journey of mud, sweat and tears!

Our  Gear

Showing you what we use for magnetfishing, recording and editing.

Support Us

If you like what we do there are several ways to help us out!